Illustrating and Inspiration.

I’m very busy in the colouring stage of this super cute children’s book I’m illustrating. I’m going to post more on the process later. I have A LOT to colour over the next few weeks but it’s so enjoyable. I love this stage of injecting colour and when the sketchy world comes to life! I can zone out into this for hours. It feels like you are starting to breathe LIFE  into this idea. 10931364_1576442702597510_4534135186728960862_n So the beginning process in a very quick version for now is something like this: You read the manuscript, come up with lots of ideas, let your mind wander, then you start sketching and coming up with drawings for all of these ideas. You have to let yourself develop through the drawings even if they are ugly (which was initially quite hard for me and my inner-critic because I want everything to be just-so from the get go, luckily I’m evolving.)


It then becomes intriguing to convey these abstract qualities of things like feelings.  It’s a series of trial and error at this point and has taken a while for things to develop. I find it amazing though how inspiration creeps in from all sorts of places. Like the Dad, kind of looks like my husband (minus his new beard). Interesting how your sub-conscious uses inspiration around you.



P is for Paulette the Praying Mantis

It’s going to take me a while to get this blog on the go, I’m waiting for a gap in work so I can focus on it. Eek. Be patient with me. But in the meantime my creative juices have been flowing!

We had so much load-shedding this week (our awful power outages in South Africa) and I had no electricity for like 5 hours the other day. Bored…I wandered out onto the balcony with my husband’s camera and had a visit from the most gorgeous little creature. Nature is so full of inspiration.

Meet Paulette the Praying Mantis. My new pet insect living on one of my plants.

Paulette the Praying Mantis

Hello world!

Tadaa! My first blog post.


I’m Nicci. This year I’m leaping into the world of illustration and pursuing a dream to draw for a living. It’s been quite a journey to have the courage to get to this point and I’m embracing a “look while you leap” kind of mentality.

So right now I am finally getting around to setting up my new blog, colouring the latest children’s book that I’m illustrating, building a house with my husband (we are newlyweds! Bliss) and doing a few online courses so I can get into my creative swing.


Meet two of my colleagues and confidants; Yin and Yang my girly guinea-pigs. We are taking a breather while I focus on what to post here.