About Me


I’m Nicci Nathanson (Zunica Nicci Nathanson), a digital illustrator from Johannesburg.

I was raised in a tiny mining city in the Free State, South Africa. A city without traffic lights and lots of circles in the roads. It is here that I cultivated my imagination and love for doodling. I also spent a lot of time climbing trees, playing with my 52 Portuguese cousins and collecting stickers.

In my tween years I moved to Pretoria where I practiced my artistic abilities by attending Pro Arte Alphen Park, a school for the Arts before completing a four-year Information Design degree. Switching gears, I became involved with the business of homeware and décor, running my own French Décor store alongside my mother and sister for 5 years before diving into illustration as a career.

I have illustrated children’s books, various book covers, educational books, editorial pieces and other projects for clients such as Oxford University Press, Pearson Publishers, Lapa Publishers, News24 and “Your Baby” magazine. In 2012, I was awarded an AKTV award for my illustrations “Slaaptyd Matilda” published by Lapa in the age category 3-7.

I find my inspiration in the outdoors, playing with my three fluffy guinea pigs and browsing quaint vintage shops. My work is detailed, quirky and full of character, as am I, having a mind that lives in a world of cheeky curious creatures.

If you’d like to know more about my work process or if you have any questions, please do pop me an email!



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