A new book and a new studio space

I’m ending off my 2015 with a new book and a new studio! How exciting?


My first hard cover book illustration project has just been published in December 2015 and is available for purchase, Waarom Kameelperd se nek so lank is en ander dierestories. You can find it at Graffiti bookstore, or order it straight from the publisher: lidav@lapa.co.za in the meantime.


Photo credit: of http://www.fullcircle.co.za

This book is filled with 25 stories of South African animals and is written by the talented author Wendy Maartens.

I really enjoyed being able to extend my style into animal illustration; you can see some of my process from pencil to colouring below. It’s rather detailed.


My challenge in this book was to condense each story into one main image. Usually, in other books I work on the text and images in a sequence of imagery, which plays out over a series. So this pushed me to tell a story through a single picture, which I’m quite happy about.


My husband and I have also moved into a stunning new home and I have set up a new studio. I am really happy to be able to have a new space to create in, with the added luxury of more space.


I hope your festive season brings you lots of joy and thank you for reading, see you in 2016!




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