Playing with patterns

I have been busy sticking my fingers into all sorts of different creative pies.

Earlier this year I briefly touched on my exploration into the world of surface pattern design.


Since then, I started seeing patterns EVERYWHERE! If you look around you, it’s on bags, curtains, stationary and all sorts of things. This has inspired me because I am such a lover for detail. So experimenting, as I like to do, I’ve created my own wrapping paper (I’m still working on collections).


I actually ran out of wrapping paper the other day, for a gift I needed to wrap and then I remembered I make my own. So silly and so obvious! It was really cute to see a gift wrapped in my own giftwrap.


I also finally had one of my patterns printed onto a roll of fabric and have ideas for products I want to make. I can’t wait to see the final result. This is my fur child Gustav Klimt Nathanson sitting on my newly printed project 🙂

There are some amazing surface pattern designers out there and lots of different styles, you can find all sorts of inspiration on Pinterest and blogs like Print and Pattern. Someone I admire is Helen Dardik. I really enjoy her work. She uses these quirky characters and has a distinctive style, using colour palettes that are refreshingly unique.


Photo credit:

For any of you who are interested in learning how to make your own patterns, here is a cool skillshare link and tips on making your own patterns:

Let’s see where this pattern journey goes~



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