Unleashing your Creativity, the idea of keeping a visual journal

Visual journaling is such a great tool of thought documentation for creative types and a means of transportation for visual people to access their own minds and ideas. I personally have been intimidated at the habit of visual journaling because I like to make fully formed and beautiful imagery. I am my own worst critic!


In reality, my sketchbooks are really a mess filled with scribbles and words. So when I think about condensing this information, it’s really such a personal process, which I believe everyone can approach in his or her own special way.


Some strange sketches from my sketchbook.

That’s the point I think, it’s about finding a way that works for you as a visual creative person, to be able to store your thoughts in a visual way, while experimenting with techniques, narratives, characters and all of the limitless possibilities in your mind. Even if you aren’t a creative person, this is an awesome way to get in touch with that part of yourself.


Creativity is a muscle, just like any other part in your body and you can grow it. I actually use a lot of words and scribbles in between pictures to put my ideas to paper. Every now and then when I need a new idea, I’ll go back to my books and all of these connections are stimulated in my brain again. It’s a fun way to just sort stuff out in your head and get things out.

I have big beautiful books, little ugly ones that I can keep in my handbag which are coffee stained and curling up at the edges, some have pictures, some have words…the point is they are all meaningful and nobody has to see them, so it’s all about you.

If you’d like to try doing this, buy a blank book, get some new stationary so you can feel inspired and try some of these projects to start, have fun with them and do it in your own time, play nice music, light a fragrant candle and enjoy yourself while you experiment:


Photo courtesy of http://sarasketches2013.tumblr.com/post/39668209906/and-so-we-begin

Yay go and draw this week!



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