The Secret is Out.

Yay! I am so excited to be able to share my art with the world in a more tangible way. The super fun little book I illustrated earlier this year, is published and it’s out on the shelves. Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood. Written by one of South Africa’s most popular children’s book authors Fanie Viljoen. It was a really fun book to work on, I just love when the hardcopies come out and you can feel the actual book in your hand.

I created about 5 different Petra characters, before finding her face. She started off a bit ugly and I just pushed through the ugly stage, she manifested herself like magic. I always go from pencil to scanning and colouring my images digitally with a wacom. I’m over the moon happy that my natural style is growing so nicely. The more work you create, the thicker your natural style becomes.

niccinathanson0 niccinathanson1My studio space is also starting to grow bigger and bigger and I’m looking forward to my new studio space at the end of the year. I’ve developed this habit when I’m in the thick of illustrating a book, I stick all my images onto the walls for inspiration, I like to see where I’m at in the process. Sometimes it feels like I’m in an actual storybook.
niccinathanson5If you’d like to get a copy of one of these books (it will cost about R95) you can order it straight from Lapa Publishers. Email  ISBN 978-0-7993-7403-2

It’s cute. I promise.



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