Swanbloom Scarf


Pretty patterns, pops of colour, soft fabrics and quirky illustrated products really give me a creative boost. I think surface pattern design is just a super way for illustrators to expand their talent into a whole new market, on special items which people can use and love. I recently started experimenting with pattern and entered my first one into a Tigerprint competition to create a floral print for Marks and Spencer for a pattern that could be used on items like wrapping paper.

I was happy to be shortlisted into the finals out of 1400 entries from around the world. I then turned my pattern into a scarf and I’ll share a bit of my process with you.

moodboardnicciThe brief was to create a floral pattern design for women and to use colour trends for Spring 2016. Florals are really popular because they never go out of fashion and can be interpreted in lots of different ways. I started finding inspiration by creating a mood board, which incorporated my swan illustration (I’ve been a bit swan obsessed this year.) I then combined photos from my travels and did a bit of colour research as to what is popular next year. This all turned into an inspiration collage.


I started with my florals and I decided to bring my quirky swans into the design because they are fun and it turned my floral pattern into a conversational piece. Following this, I created a swatch which could be repeated.


I re-interpreted the swatch to fit onto a scarf and was really happy when the end product arrived in the post this week, all the way from New York. It’s printed on silk and I find it wonderful to be able to touch my art on a real scarf. I can’t wait to make more! *~nicci_scarf3


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