Turkish Delight – A Paisley Plate Collection

This week I worked on a pretty project, where I designed and illustrated a collection of four plates with a paisley theme, which work as a collective but can also be sold separately. I have GREAT memories of paisley’s from high school when I was absorbed in my “hippie” years (free-spirit is the term I associate with this chapter of my life I think).


My first step when I start with a new project is to find inspiration in something. I have this beautiful paisley jacket, which I have had for 12 years. I bought it from an antique market and I got it for next to nothing, it was a real treasure to find. So I really love the muted pinks in this jacket and of course the paisley’s. The second item is my favourite deodorant. I ❤ Vanilla from Lentheric’s Kaleidoscope range and I just love how the bright fun colours pop against the subtle background of the product.


After finding this visual inspiration, I then I go on to my sketching phase and draw lots of different elements. I choose my colour palette and after that everything slowly starts coming together. Then it all gets scanned in and the magic happens in my computer.

nicci_drawing While working on plates I found something to compliment them. COOKIES. I need to make these gorgeous paisley cookies which I found on cookie connection by Fernwood cookie. The orange and turquoise just called out my name.Fall - Abstract Paisley - Fernwood Cookieimage credit: http://cookieconnection.juliausher.com/clip/abstract-paisley


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