Retro kitchen Bolt fabric design, Can Cat’s eat Chilli?

Nicci_Nathanson_pyrex&peppers_5A_WK-1.This weekend I’ve been working on a bolt fabric swatch for a vintage kitchen theme. The brief was to create a fabric inspired by Pyrex corning and Peppers. I seriously love peppers (It’s my portuguese side) and Pyrex is just super nostalgic cool, I even found inspiration from a bowl that my mother had while we were living in the Freestate and it had this beautiful 1970’s orange flower design on it.

PyrexImage credit to

Coming from my retail background, I know red sells really well for kitchen themes as it is a classic and it’s a different colour to what I naturally choose. So I started looking for colour palette inspiration and found this book, The Paper Pieced Home. I pulled some colour inspiration from the cover to use as my colour palette as I feel it fits the vintage theme. nicci0 I made myself some chilli tea from Woolworths, brought out the chilly peppers…played some Red Hot Chilli peppers to get into the mood of course and started drawing lots of different icons. This little cat just kept jumping into my images so I let him stay. nicci2 I took my favourite elements and turned it into this pattern, with  some smaller co-ordinates on the sides. I think it would make  a cute KIDS kitchen fabric. Or a cute fabric for big girls like me who like playing in the kitchen! These colours really do remind me of something from my childhood.  image-3


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